Artisan creations...

Crafting a narrative with layers of fabric fashioned by hand

Anne Girault seeks to impart classic style and a touch of whimsy to each pavilion she creates, bringing a level of pomp and articulation to the medium of tent design. With formal training in fine art and interiors, Girault has been immersed in the oeuvre of tents for nearly a decade.

Her designs have become increasingly more intricate and richly detailed, gathering inspiration from fashion, travel, motifs in nature, textiles, architecture and interior design. These artisan creations continue to evolve, imbued with an innate sense of craft and workmanship that transforms them from mere tents into exquisite environments.




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"Boutique Tents bespoke cabanas and outdoor pavilions are honeyed, ornamental evocations – the elevated renditions of their most sophisticated selves."

Interiors Magazine