Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: what size tents are available?

A: Our most popular tent size is 10' by 10', but we also offer 8' square tents and 8' by 10' rectangular tents. Please inquire for custom sizes.

Q: What is the lead time?

A: We prefer to have between 4 - 6 weeks to complete a custom tent. However, schedule permitting, we make every effort to accommodate rush orders.

Q: Do you stock any Tents or offer tent rentals?

A: We do not stock any tents.  All Boutique Tents are bespoke creations custom made to our clients' unique specifications. We do not offer rentals of any kind. Our tents are design commissions for sale only.

Q: How are the tents priced?

A: Tent prices are determined by the frame size, fabric selections, level of decorative detail involved and the window of time available to produce. Our 10' square tents normally start at $5500 and our 8' square tents normally start at $4500. These prices reflect the full scale tent package which is detailed in the following Q&A.

Q: What elements are included in a boutique tent?

A: Our full scale tent package includes the following elements: Complete Industrial tent frame, Marine fabric "Exterior" roof, separate "Interior" roof, set of 4 wide "Exterior" drapery curtains which consist of a main fabric with accent color leading edge stripes, set of 4 narrower "Interior" drapery curtains, set of 4 detachable "Custom Valance" sections, set of 4 "Corner Caps" to articulate the tent corners and finally a set of 4 coordinating curtain tie backs.

Q: How does the design process work? 

A: Our design process is truly unique. Each tent commission is an opportunity to create something completely bespoke and tailor-made to suit our clients' exacting design criteria. Share any inspirational detail with us and the creative process can begin to unfold around that object...whether it is a swatch of fabric with a certain beguiling pattern, a graphic motif on paper or even the textural detail in an antique bas-relief carving. We can use any visual cue to begin our exploration of what can inspire and inform the design of your custom tent. In our process, little sketches abound to allow for better visualization of the design in its conceptual phase. Through our illustrations and sketches, we present an array of design options and directions from which you may choose. Ours is a process that embraces the concept of customization in the full sense of the word. We welcome thoughts and feedback from our clients in forming these designs, as this results in the most fulfilling and collaborative creative process. 

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