Traditional Home March 2010

Pup tents, the new frontier?

We were super flattered to get a call from Traditional Home to shoot one of our Boutique Tents...but they needed it in the studio, like yesterday. No worries we replied jauntily, we'll just make a small tent, and make it we did, and fast! This little red and pink pet palace was crafted from only the finest Sunbrella Outdoor fabric and even boasted a matching cushion with hand stitched Turkish tufting. What's a dog (or cat) to do but dream of such a pad? Well, some pooch out there is napping in high style... This tent moved on post-Trad Home photo-shoot to the RISD Annual Gala Auction to raise a little money for a good cause, and raise the bar on puppy-slumber aesthetics. 




Charleston Weddings Winter 2009

Cake Rosettes, a mild diversion from the traditional tent-talk...

With our tents, the scale is grand and impressive, creative production on a large canvas. Yet it is nice now and then to zoom in and create on a more microscopic level, comparatively. And we love ANYTHING having to do with wedding cake. So, if we must diverge from tents, its a safe bet that we will be quietly focused on crafting something small, floral and wedding cake appropriate. These hand made flowers were fashioned from silk, tulle, grosgrain, vintage beads and buttons and mini millinery flowers. A lovely and couture inspired addition for this styled shoot with Charleston Weddings, our silk rosettes took this simple cake from spare to sparkling! After the fete, one could always pluck these tiny silk blooms right off the cake as a keepsake. 

Charleston Weddings Fall 2007

small lounge tents? i'll take eleven, please.

When designing an event in a space that can only be described as cavernous, one might choose to employ secondary architecture to lend a sense of human scale. Might we suggest a Boutique Tent or two to accomplish this task? In the case of this epic wedding designed by Tara Guerard, we were called upon to supply eleven of these simple and elegant little lounge tents. Within these charming pavilions the scene was set ~ sofa, cocktail table, pair of chairs, a little chandelier for ambiance and a handful of happy guests, content to sit and celebrate within their own private party lounge! Our couture cabanas must have been the VIP destination of the evening at this fabulous fete!

Town & Country Weddings Fall & Winter 2006

kudos for our classic kiwi Cabana!

Here in this fresh, vibrant vignette from Town and Country Weddings, we see one of our very first little lounge tents. After just a peek behind the curtain the appeal of this cozy space instantly beckons you to duck in with a couple friends, aperitifs in hand, to do that proverbial lounge-thing. Will our custom cabanas (of the highest calibre), guarantee to make for pleased and pampered party-goers? Well of course, we must answer that questions with a resounding yes! 

Modern Bride July 2006

Clean and Green

We started rather simply with this classic kiwi number. Straight valance, all green with just a hint of white piping, streamlined, spare and timeless! This pretty little tent was one of our very first commissions, designed for Tara Guerard and featured in this styled shoot for Modern Bride. We've gone a bit more elaborate with subsequent tents (as we're wont to do) but this precious pavilion was a breath of fresh air and a point of departure for us to begin exploring where we could take the medium of custom tent design. PS, we also whipped up the darling pillows, because well, we're all about the whistles and bells, even when they're spare, they're definitely there!