Charleston Weddings Fall & Winter 2012

Hand Painted aisle runner...this one was a true leo! 

In this issue of Charleston Weddings Magazine, one of our gorgeous hand painted aisle runners is shown, making a vibrant (and might we say extroverted!) statement in tangerine and sapphire blue. The theme of the event centered on a Lashar motif, so we whipped up a custom stencil inspired by this wrought iron design (so authentically Charleston!) to create the graphic for our runner. What an unforgettable trip down the aisle!

Charleston Weddings Summer 2012

Bring on the bling, with gold paint that is!

This lovely aisle runner was another fab commission from Tara Guerard. Towing the line between traditional matrimonial styling (ivory ground, subdued, virginal)... But wait, the custom stenciled design, all in GOLD?! Just a sprinkle of glam, nothing too crazy. But you just know its not your mother's aisle runner! Who says traditional can't have a little edge? 

Charleston Weddings Summer 2012

All in the details, botanically speaking:

* A momentary diversion from the traditional tent-talk

Well you didn't think we just made tents did you? Yep, another foray into flora was captured in this lovely vignette dreamed up by one of our favorite clients, the ever talented Tara Guerard. Ours was a small contribution to this little scene, but one that still anchored a full page photo! The sugar flower bouquets adorning these adorable mini-cakes were an opportunity for us to get lost in the mesmerizing minutia that is sugar flower work. Anyone who has ever  made these delicate, paper thin and fragile creations can attest to the zen-like appeal of this focused art form. Into an activity that some might call tedious, we just immerse happily. Suffice it to say, we are all about the details. 

Interiors Magazine June & July 2012

Fabulous feature c/o Interiors:

We were thrilled (and humbled by the flowery, vibrant prose of Arienne Nardo) to have our tent work featured in Interiors magazine. We chose to showcase a favorite tent from a couple years back, this navy and powder blue stunner commissioned by Denver interior designer, Ramey Caulkins of Griffin Design Source fame. The professional photos (thanks, Emily Minton Redfield!) arrived just in time to meet a tight publishing deadline, but all the hustle and bustle proved worthwhile, this one really made us proud!  

Real Simple Weddings 2010

Can you say maximalist? How did we get into 'real simple' !?!

At Boutique Tents, we just love to sink our creative chops into a good old fashioned mandap to really satisfy our natural instincts toward EMBELLISHMENT. Mies van der Rohe may have said 'less is more' but, here we subscribe to the Tony Duquette school of thought, if we must choose. So, in the spirit of More More More, we embarked upon this over the top tent with a sense of vigor and gravitas. This was, by far, one of our favorite commissions of all time, cued up by the indomitable Calder Clark, who is not afraid of color, no ma'am. Layers and layers of fabric (coral, aqua, white), uber-wide drapes with custom pieced stripes. Look closely, that pattern on the interior roof... we painted that design! And that valance, three fluttering layers of color, texture and motion. This tent was larger than life and one we'll always love!